A New Face for FACINGS


A logo serves many purposes, especially in the creative world. Landing on an effective logo is a task nearly as daunting as starting the company itself. It’s the first impression to potential customers, clients, and competitors. It conveys the first notes of taste and attitude. An effective logo not only represents the brand, but the level of quality and consistency synonymous with the products or services the company provides. No doubt, when you think of shoes, streaming services, social media platforms, or even hamburgers, a specific logo immediately comes to mind. If you are reading this on your phone, your home screen is more likely than not lined with logos. They mean something, for better or worse.

Golden ratio — A staple in design that aided one of our creatives, Eduardo Garay, in developing the new logo

Here at FACINGS, we went through a lot of ideas for logos. Like, a lot. Every member of the creative team was tasked with developing their own collection of ideas; we even consulted an outside branding agency. I personally came up with 30 or so different designs. But as any illustrator will tell you: illustration and graphic design are not the same. But we all gave it a shot. Because we all have strong feelings about what we want FACINGS to be, and what we want it to represent in the ever-competitive and ever-evolving landscape of NFTs.

A guiding design by Eduardo Garay

After a lot of “maybes” and “strong contenders”, at the zero hour, a member of our team by the name of Eduardo Garay dropped magic on the table. And just like that, it made sense. The logo harkens back to the indie explosions and 90’s counterculture that many of us either grew up in, or in the wake there of. It is reminiscent, familiar, slick and concise; to meet the taste of the corporate monoliths that are slowly getting turned on to this “brand new” market of NFTs.

Eduardo Garay’s FACINGS’ design integrating above principals

Our aim is for our logo to become inseparable from our collective goals and values: top-shelf service and guidance to our clients as they enter this still-forming market, products that stand apart because of their quality as opposed to quantity, and fair and equitable treatment of various talents needed to make it all happen.

Meet the new face of FACINGS.

We’ll see you around.

~ Adam Mathison-Sward

Lead Artist

Near the River, MN



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