Dark Pinup, Viva Event has been extended

Dark Pinup



We are a month into the Viva Event and about half of the participants have earned a Viva pack so far. For every 100 points earned on the leaderboard, one Viva pack is on the way at the conclusion of the event. We are extending the event by at least two weeks. Viva packs can only be obtained through this event so don’t let this opportunity slip by! To keep the event exciting we will also be adding new crafting recipes into the mix within the next 2–3 weeks.

More Crafting

New crafting recipes are being added to keep it fresh and as a way to close out the roadmap for Act Two. These recipes add the NFTs from the roadmap that we have not obtained yet as a community, as well as make obtaining Scene One cards a bit easier. The ingredients for the recipes include Act One NFTs as well as special promo NFTs we gave out as pack inserts or at events. No sneak peaks on the new crafting items just yet.

Redemptions are LIVE

The long awaited redemption portal for Act One books and for Noir packs is now open. Visit your inventory at Darkpinup.com, hit ‘redeem’, submit the form, and a shipping email will hit your inbox when it’s ready to go. Fulfillment times are typically 4–6 weeks and dependent on the carrier. If you have already redeemed an NFT, we have your information and will contact you soon. Thank you for your patience as we got our redemption system working properly.

Event is Extended and Limits are Gone

The Mirrorpool team is elated to see the community enjoying the event and as a result have decided to extend the event from the original end date through to September 1st, with a possible additional extension to the 8th if there is still active participation by the community. We did not see any reason to close the event before everyone has had an opportunity to craft. While fans are still playing, the 15 pack limit per user has also been lifted.

Rewards Dropped After Event

When the event ends the FACINGS team will tally up the total packs earned and send them to the winners. We will also be dropping the special NFT from the roadmap to users at this time. Look for more information on the distribution as the event winds down in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone in our community for their participation so far. We hope you enjoy the new recipes and the Viva packs.




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