Week in Review: 2/4/2022

Dark Pinup Act 2

3 min readFeb 5, 2022


Crafting Finally Unlocked!

After a LOT of waiting and technical hiccups, Scene One crafting recipes have finally been opened! The entire photo shoot focuses on one model and acquiring different rarities tiers will require collecting and burning through a time-unlocked system of Scenes.

Unlocking recipes requires finding cameras of the correct variety within the Dark Pinup packs and crafting them along with specific subsets of cards to unlock cards from different Scenes.

Lars Kommienezuspadt expressed that the he wanted to give Collectors the experience of being on set with Dark Pinup, Act 2, as he stated on FACINGS’ Live Stream.

Swap recipes and cards with fellow Dark Pinup fans on our Discord.

Arry Yu, Cascadia Blockchain Council

Blockchain Legislation, Noob Pitfalls, and NFT/Crypto Resources on the Live Stream.

Arry Yu, Founder & Chair of the Cascadia Blockchain Council joined PR Lead Francis Krabbe us on the Live Stream this week.

She is with the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), an influential co-op of 1,000 tech companies, both large and small, that partner with education and government leaders to build a better world. Its mission is to be the unifying voice for the technology community in Washington. The WTIA consolidates the power of member companies to solve business problems they can’t solve on their own.

The WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council helps blockchain companies in the Pacific Northwest (from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC) reach their full potential by serving as the subject matter experts and collective voice to better advocate for constructive public policy and educate key stakeholders, especially investors. They educate, advocate, and evaluate blockchain policy and practices.

Arry Yu is a 20-year industry veteran, serial founder, and strategic operator. She also hosts a podcast, publishes a newsletter that highlights news, information, and legislative developments in the blockchain and crypto arenas. We talked key federal and WA State legislation, the Unit Bias Problem, and about the Blockchain Underground — a weekly remote meet-up that discusses topics, asks questions, and converse with crypto enthusiasts.

Get the full talk here.

FACINGS SaaS Platform

FACINGS All-In-One NFT Management Platform

Want in on the NFT Space but don’t have a clue where to begin? FACINGS has been heads down working on our Platform and API that puts everything you need to mint and sell large-scale NFT collections in one place.

2022 is the year of the NFT! So far, new artists and indie creators launch NFT collections to their audiences, making a living on primary sales and secondary royalties. In 2021, every week, major brands like Topps, Gucci, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Charmin, Budweiser, and the NFL announce NFT collections to engage with their customers.

No one can argue that NFTs aren’t revolutionary but the new technology is still in its infancy. Existing options for minting NFTs are limited, quality control issues are rampant, and blockchain security is a novel risk to address. With increasing demand for utility, creating compelling NFT experiences is difficult.

However, with FACINGS self-service dashboard, we have perfected NFT tools like fiat processing, scalable minting, gamification, and easy-to-use inventory management. Whether you are into art, games, sports, or music, NFTs have invaded nearly all industries.

Sign up for our Alpha release below to take a test drive when we soft open the tech and see for yourself.

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