FACING the Weekend with Great News!

Open any Finney pack to receive a Wrapper NFT that gives you access to the reader at cards.finney.world

Finney sale ongoing! ShiftGold is beyond envious as sales for Finney Volume 1 Packs have topped $104,000.00. That does not include secondary sales! So far, we have seen five record-setting days of sales numbers for the Writer collection. Join @CryptoFinney in his “Immutable Journey” while you can - Check out Finney’s World for packs!

FACINGS’ Engineering Team has been hard at work improving the back-end of FACINGS tech! FACINGS’ pack opening sites now employ a more stable system: the new WAX Resource Model free tier. What this means for collectors is a better user experience and less errors due to lack of resources staked to their WAX Cloud wallet accounts. The team is laying the groundwork upgrades in the coming weeks so that FACINGS’ own pool will be the fall back after the free tier resources are exhausted.

Facing NFTs Head On, a FACINGS Inc. Podcast, Episode 2. Our very own Boy Wonder, Gregory A. Murphy, AKA Dahkel on Discord, had the pleasure of sitting down with FACINGS’ Chief Creative Office, Lars Kommienezuspadt for the 2nd episode of our ‘cast. They talked Dark Pinup, Artists in the NFT space, and Lars dropped some bombs about Act Two, specifically, set rewards. Listen here!

Also, Lars revealed a detail LIVE on the air that you did not know about Stranger, pictured above. Check it out here! Listen to the full cast.



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