Collections that FACINGS’ Tech has helped to launch. From left to right: NFTrippy, Dark Pinup, CryptoFinney, and The Strange & Unusual.

FACINGS Company Update

4 min readJun 21, 2022


FACINGS Fireside Chat

This week, Chief Executive Awesome, Rob Konsdorf previews NFT NYC, and updates the progress of FACINGS API and easy-to-use dashboard. We also formally introduce Keir Kleinknect as FACINGS Chief Technical Officer.

In the fireside chat, Keir describes how he came to be involved with FACINGS, “[It] really stems from the relationship that Rob and I have from our mutual sheer love for collecting and there’s a particular project put out by Topps called Garbage Pail Kids that got us connected.” It was total happenstance that Rob and Keir met through their mutual admiration for GPK.

GPK NFT Collection on WAX

GPK also opened the door for Keir to learn the WAX blockchain, of which most of FACINGS collections have launched. “That evolved into my love of the WAX blockchain. The simplicity of it, how it actually interfaces with things and gives you the flexibility to put it out massive amounts of product while at the same time, being not that expensive to do so.”

Rob chimed in, “WAX allows us to build products that can reach more people than traditional crypto products that are harder to use or more expensive to use and so that’s a really amazing opportunity.”

“[the WAX blockchain] is really about building a tool set that’s very flexible and then letting creators go wild with it.”

-Rob Konsdorf, CEO FACINGS.

Get the full talk or hit the Fireside Chat, Smoldering Embers where our talks are edited down to the byte-size bits.

Viva Pack, the newest edition to Dark Pinup

Mirrorpool Presents Viva

Dark Pinup founder, Lars Kommienezuspadt recently announced that Dark Pinup will become part of the Mirrorpool portfolio.

For collectors, this ensures future releases, events, and drops to wallets without revenue considerations, but what best supports the set.

-Lars Kommienezuspadt

Mirrorpool has partnered with FACINGS to release Dark Pinup, Viva Packs, set to dropped in July. These packs will be available through crafting recipes from existing Dark Pinup assets that include both Act One and Two. Leaderboards and loyalty system features are returning, capturing the nostalgia we all remember from the Ember Burn event.

15 new cards all shot during the annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, with VFX by master pixel-pusher Eduardo Garay, set design by Felbolb, and a special chase painting by Viktor Miller Gausa [Act Two].

Additionally, plans to host a model AMA on the Mirrorpool Twitter are in the works.

Lars was the Chief Creative Office with FACINGS from the Company’s inception until the formation of Mirrorpool. Mirrorpool is an art first collective, a leaderless co-op with a mandate to equitably reward artists for their contributions in blockchain-based and NFT economies. With Mirrorpool, Lars and fellow artist Adam Mathison-Swards are taking on new projects. In launching the Dark Pinup collection, FACINGS was really able to perfect the production of NFTs.


Atomichub Collection Page

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Twitter: FACINGSMirrorpool

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Enter the FACINGS Discord or Mirrorpool Discord

From Left to right, Hyoga, Alfador, and Schala

FACINGS’ Furry Assistants

FACINGS, and its second cousin, twice removed Detroit Ledger Technologies, is an international company with members around the globe. Like many entities operating in a post-covid environment, DLT and FACINGS work remotely and communicate with each other using online tools. While on the job, we see each other’s homes, workspaces, and pets!

The V.P of Engineering for DLT is Kayne Mayer. Karyne developed a passion for computer science after realizing she enjoyed building things. For the last few years, Karyne has been focusing on front end development and specially UX/UI in order to push DLT’s user experience forward. Here are her fuzzy assistants Schala and Alfador, the two house tigers, and her fluffy pom-mix, Hyoga.

Schala and Alfador, Karyne’s Furry Assistants hard at work.




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