FACINGS’ January Update

Dark Pinup

Roadmap Updates

25% is the first of 4 milestones
Golden Hour (still)


Dark Pinup Act Two Leaderboard is coming in the next two weeks and with it the first peak into our planned utility. There will be a new leaderboard tab on the website that will show you your rank in the Dark Pinup community. Those that achieve the highest ranks are given rewards that we will disclose at a later date. For now, the Leaderboard is a way to earn points and see where you rank in the Dark pinup community.

Leaderboard (WIP)
Dungeon (WIP)


Skullz stormed the London Underground on November 6th in Decentraland. The crowd was filled with collectors eager to get a first glimpse of the band performing live. 3D avatars of the band played all three of the singles found in snips throughout the NFT set released in 2021. Look for video of the event and ways to use your party tickets soon, but let’s just say they rocked the house.

Skullz @ London Underground
Ticket Holder POAP


NFTrippy recently released a blog detailing their journey through 2021 and beyond. As part of that journey a true Master Forager was awarded a 1/1 pair of NFTrippy Kicks. These special shoes were given randomly to one collector who had an Enlightened Elder, Mushy, and a Spore Ticket in their Wax Cloud wallet. This lucky collector now has the luck of Mushy to guide them on their foraging.

Master Forager Trippy Kicks

The Strange & Unusual

The Skeleton Leg has been airdropped to collectors! This has been a long time coming so we apologize for the delay. All holders of any card in the set were dropped a Leg. The snapshot already occurred!

FACINGS Behind the Scenes

Self-Service NFT Launchpad and API

Sneak Peak of FACINGS’ platform


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