FACINGS’ January Update

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FACINGS is kicking off 2022 with some crazy amazing events! Skullz recently held a concert in the metaverse, NFTrippy rewarded a fan with Trippy Kicks, and the Dark Pinup community reached the first roadmap milestone. Behind the scenes, FACINGS is making strides toward the launch of our easy-to-use platform and API! Read on for updates on all this and look for a teaser of the FACINGS dashboard in this post.

Dark Pinup

Roadmap Updates

Congratulations to the Dark Pinup community — you unlocked the first milestone! A mere 7 weeks ago, Dark Pinup Act Two dropped and the community has already surpassed the first milestone. The first unlock, Scene One, will unfold in the next week and will be a larger set than originally planned. Scene One crafting recipes will soon unlock, granting access to a new exclusive shoot of the model Dragon by Lars.

Originally there were four Scenes planned for Act Two, but we have decided to cut that number down to two Scenes, to provide more content to our fans in a shorter amount of time. This means that Scene One will now contain more cards to craft in Base, Noir, and Golden Hour variants.

25% is the first of 4 milestones

When 50% is achieved, new recipes will be added to unlock special NFTs and an exclusive AMA will occur with a model. Until then, FACINGS will continue to work on the upcoming loyalty system that will be sure to help the community conquer the next milestone.

Scene One Crafting

Scene One is unlike anything in Dark Pinup. The Scene consists entirely of one model in one location. It was taken specifically for this Act and is meant as a treat for our collectors. Scene One unlocks in the first half of February and is found on the crafting page of Darkpinup.com.

To craft the new Scene cards, collectors need the Cameras found inside packs as well as empty wrappers. Each card requires one wrapper and one camera. The type of camera and wrapper required differs between the three variants of Base, Noir, and Golden Hour. If you need more cameras or wrappers you can find them in packs or check the secondary markets.

Crafting Recipe Example:

Scene Card 1 — Base


1 x D7000 Camera

1 x Full Pack Wrapper


Scene Card 1 — Noir


1 x D750 Camera

1 x Full Pack Wrapper


Scene Card 1 — Golden Hour


1 x Z6II Camera

1 x Collector’s Box Wrapper

Golden Hour (still)


Dark Pinup Act Two Leaderboard is coming in the next two weeks and with it the first peak into our planned utility. There will be a new leaderboard tab on the website that will show you your rank in the Dark Pinup community. Those that achieve the highest ranks are given rewards that we will disclose at a later date. For now, the Leaderboard is a way to earn points and see where you rank in the Dark pinup community.

The Leaderboard will reward points based on a scale very different from the event that occurred in Dark Pinup Act One. For this Leaderboard collectors earn points for actions purchasing, crafting, and opening.

Points Awarded:

Purchasing a Full Pack — 10 points

Purchasing a Collector’s Box — 60 points

Crafting an NFT — 1 point

Opening a pack — 1 point

Leaderboard (WIP)

We are ecstatic to get Dark Pinup fans the first taste of utility. We know you are eager to hear what the rewards will be, so keep a close eye. The Leaderboard will tie into a larger system that will be unveiled over time as pieces of it become solidified and ready to share.

Dungeon Update

The Dark Pinup Dungeon is still on the way! WAXArena has been iterating on the concept and we expect progress shortly. The dungeon is still planned to reward Dark Pinup NFTs for defeating levels and mobs within the dungeon.

Dungeon (WIP)

Act One Airdrop and Redemptions

The airdrop of Noir Pack NFTs was completed to all Act One collectors who completed a full set. The redemption for these NFTs will happen in a while — we ran into an issue we are solving before we can ship them off to our loyal fans.

The redemption page for Act One books will also be launching in the next couple weeks. The coding is done, it just needs to be launched in our next engineering cycle.


Skullz stormed the London Underground on November 6th in Decentraland. The crowd was filled with collectors eager to get a first glimpse of the band performing live. 3D avatars of the band played all three of the singles found in snips throughout the NFT set released in 2021. Look for video of the event and ways to use your party tickets soon, but let’s just say they rocked the house.

Skullz @ London Underground

Anyone who had a Party Ticket in their WAX wallet was airdropped this sweet POAP too!

Ticket Holder POAP


NFTrippy recently released a blog detailing their journey through 2021 and beyond. As part of that journey a true Master Forager was awarded a 1/1 pair of NFTrippy Kicks. These special shoes were given randomly to one collector who had an Enlightened Elder, Mushy, and a Spore Ticket in their Wax Cloud wallet. This lucky collector now has the luck of Mushy to guide them on their foraging.

Much more is coming for NFTrippy in 2022 — including a new story about Elders — as new opportunities to collect and expand Mushy’s story toward enlightenment.

Master Forager Trippy Kicks

The Strange & Unusual

The Skeleton Leg has been airdropped to collectors! This has been a long time coming so we apologize for the delay. All holders of any card in the set were dropped a Leg. The snapshot already occurred!

FACINGS Behind the Scenes

Self-Service NFT Launchpad and API

We’re thrilled to share exciting news of the soon-to-be-released FACINGS’ Platform and API.

Sneak Peak of FACINGS’ platform

FACINGS NFT Launchpad puts everything you need to mint and sell large-scale NFT collections in one place.

Whether you are an artist, a play-to-earn game studio, or a marketing firm, this is a customizable all-in-one solution for you. From credit card sales and NFT packs to scalable minting and gamification, we’ve got you covered. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use FACINGS’ proven technology to propel your NFT collection into stardom.

Stay tuned for updates!


Part of the FACINGS platform is a focus on adding utility to existing and future collections within FACINGS’ ecosystem. The Dark Pinup leaderboard is a glance into how the utility features will leverage actions collectors are doing to reward them with points they can use later on.

You can expect a range of ways to earn as well as use points. The plan is for the initial rollout to coincide with the main launch of the FACINGS platform. Full details on this system will be coming along with updates to the platform and API functionality.


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