FACINGS Quarterly Update

4 min readMay 3, 2023


Welcome to the FACINGS 2023 quarter one update; our team hopes everyone has had a safe and enjoyable beginning to the year. We have a few exciting updates to share, so let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

The Creator

Launching the FACINGS Creator based on the open source Collection Manager has been a huge success and the initial feedback from the Antelope community has been overwhelmingly positive. It has been a pleasure to bring the AtomicAssets standard to EOS through both an open source reference implementation and through our own version of the tool, but we have only just gotten off the ground.

New NFT set creation is easy with Creator.FACINGS.io

Mass Improvements

There has been numerous improvements and additions to the collection manager and the FACINGS Creator since it went live including not only updates made by the team, but contributions from the community as well.

The improvements made by the FACINGS core team included a migration of the code to TypeScript, numerous UX improvements, and the addition of a Plugin framework that allows new features to be added and turned on/off at the will of the developer. Moving to TypeScript provides improved maintainability and more reliability of the code.

Some of the UX improvements included better NFT metadata handling, improvements to IPFS functionality, as well as an upgrade to the Transfers function to allow for Airdrops.

These improvements come along with a slew of bug fixes as well as insight into the direction the community would like FACINGS to go in for future milestones.

The creator now includes links to Docs and a fully features airdrop function

Give it a Try!

We invite everyone in the Antelope community to try the FACINGS Creator and let us know what they think so far. We have launched a survey for the creator asking about the current features of the tool. If you have used the tool and would like to submit feedback, please fill out the survey here. We will randomly choose 3 submissions to win an NFT pack from a set FACINGS has produced. Winners will be chosen on June 1st.

The FACINGS Discord is available if you have questions, need support, or want to discuss contributing to the project yourself. Join the growing community today!

What’s Next?

FACINGS has submitted additional milestones to the ENF that represent our current roadmap for the collection manager, the open source implementation of the code used to launch FACINGS Creator. The biggest feature that will arrive in the next version is a CSV importer. This tool is the first collaborative tool for NFT creation on Antelope!

The CSV import tool will allow project managers to import entire NFT sets into the FACINGS Creator with one click of a button, turning spreadsheet data into an entire collection in seconds. The included data validation means any team can speed up and improve their workflows as they perfect their set on a testnet until it is ready for minting.

Future milestones will include more ways for teams to collaborate and reach customers, access to data and analysis that every set creator needs, as well as plugins that continue to unlock the functions available on AtomicAssets.

Website Updates

There has been some housekeeping done on the FACINGS website. The theme remains the same, but the verbiage in many places has changed to better match our company’s vision and goals. Have a look and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

The website changes reflect our current and submitted milestones

Request for Projects

If you have a project or idea that you are looking to get up and running — reach out to our team on Discord! We provide hands-on project consultation and and our skilled team is always ready to help bring success to your endeavors.

Thank you

The FACINGS team wants to thank each and every one of you for the support — we are working hard to bring tools that empower and bring digital sovereignty to all.




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