Introducing FACINGS Creator

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FACINGS creator is available today at


EOS has artists, publishers, and collectors actively using the AtomicAssets standard, yet the network lacks an open source application for the management of AtomicAssets NFTs. The Antelope ecosystem would benefit from an open source launchpad for developers to reference and expand upon. Now there is one; introducing the FACINGS Creator!

What is the FACINGS Creator?

The FACINGS team developed a simple, easy-to-use app for EOS users of any skill level. Collection Manager, the source code which the FACINGS Creator is based on, is available for anyone to use and is open source under the GPLv3 license. This project was funded through an EOS ENF grant proposal and completely free to use or modify.

The Creator can be used to create, edit, and explore NFT collections on the EOS blockchain. Users can login using their EOS account, and have access to the full feature set at no cost besides on-chain resources.

New Collections can be created in just a few clicks

What does the FACINGS Creator currently offer?

The FACINGS Creator was developed as a foundation for businesses and developers to build their own NFT products upon. Creator gives anyone the ability to view and explore AtomicAssets NFT collections, create and edit collections, as well as view your chain resource usage levels. The project follows a set of core principles that guide its development:

  1. Keep the core simple, sleek, and secure with minimal dependencies
  2. Allow publishers, developers, and businesses to build faster
  3. Grow the open-source community around core EOS/AtomicAssets needs
From My Collections users can create Schemas, Templates, and NFTs

Where can we get it?

Anyone can visit the FACINGS Creator, login using their EOS account, and immediately start using the app. To learn more about how to run the Creator using docker or what the project dependencies are, please visit the GitHub repository linked here.

Additional features such as NFT transferring and Resource monitoring provide QoL to users.

What is FACINGS?

FACINGS is on an odyssey toward realizing digital sovereignty for all. Digital sovereignty for all means giving people the value they have earned through fair contribution, and the ability to make decisions about that value. It means equitable and participatory business models, with efficiency gains that are passed back to everyone involved. It means giving those affected by change a voice to be a part of directing that change.

To achieve digital sovereignty for all, we believe in building empowering and human-centric products, by combining the promise of digital ownership that web3 represents and software designed in an intuitive and accessible way, in order to manage the complexity of web3 apps. What is web3? The intersection of advancement in consensus-driven digital ledgers (a.k.a. blockchains) and smart contracts with traditional web technologies to build “internet of value” apps. These apps are capable of putting the most important information in a place where no one party can change it, such as “Who owns what?” This notion can be useful for adding scarcity to game economies, accountability to digital voting systems and asset registries, transparency to equity, access to tokenomic models that can be analyzed as a new type of business, and more.

The Creator is FACINGS’ second open-source product in a planned suite of efforts aimed at enriching the EOS ecosystem. Its goal is to help creators and businesses manage all aspects of their NFT collections towards success with easy-to-use, affordable, and scalable services.

FACINGS was founded in early 2021, having initially incubated within Detroit Ledger Technologies (DLT), a founding block producer on EOS. The FACINGS team has published hundreds of thousands of NFTs with utility and facilitated hundreds of thousands worth of USD in sales volume on WAX using our early prototypical software, including Dark Pinup by Lars Kommienezuspadt, a prominent artist in the EOS community. We believe this hands-on experience puts our team in a unique position to create the picks and shovels needed for the greater world to come aboard the web3 wave, and we believe the fundamentals of EOS make it just the place to achieve that.

An available explorer allows users to view any collection creation on-chain.

What’s next for the FACINGS Creator?

FACINGS Creator was created with the goal of serving the EOS and Antelope community. In order to grow the usefulness of the app, FACINGS intends to put in a successive grant proposal to expand the collection-manager source code. The proposal will request the funding needed to implement a plugin framework for NFT businesses and developers to leverage, among other planned improvements. We’re also considering other names for the FACINGS Creator. “FACINGS Creator” is a placeholder name for the project and we hope the broader EOS community can help us decide what the name of the final product should be that encompasses the overall vision of the project.

Some future ambitions of FACINGS include expanding access to deeper NFT functionality, such as gamified leaderboards, airdrops, packs, events, and more. The FACINGS Creator is meant to become the community’s solution for maintaining NFT products while maintaining your own keys. FACINGS’ roadmap also includes a plan to offer custody-based solutions in order to provide an easy way into the ecosystem for less sophisticated web3 users. The FACINGS team endeavors to make it dead simple for anyone, regardless of their web3 experience, to be able to launch their own customized NFT experiences, shops, and more, driving real growth and usage to the EOS network.




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