Introducing FACINGS Self-Service NFT Launchpad & API

5 min readFeb 1, 2022


As we prepare for the launch of the FACINGS Closed Alpha, we’re thrilled to share some exciting details about the FACINGS Platform and API!

FACINGS puts everything you need to mint and sell large-scale NFT collections in one place. From credit card sales and NFT packs to scalable minting and gamification, our tools empower you to create quality NFT experiences without the need for blockchain or technical knowledge.

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Before we jump into FACINGS’ features, let’s explore how NFT tech is building the economy of the future, and why FACINGS is at the forefront of this revolution.

What NFTs Mean For Online Economies

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are records of authenticity. NFTs can represent everything from digital images and virtual shoes, to music videos and real-world redeemables. NFTs have been in the news a lot lately — and for a good reason. This technology has huge implications for online economies. That’s why the NFT market is projected to do $24 Billion in annual sales in 2021.

Why are NFTs such a big deal?

NFTs make online assets tangible

Digital assets before NFTs were not able to be fully owned, easily copied, and not provably scarce. This limited the possibilities for digital asset markets: digital collectables didn’t hold value and in-game assets only had ownership within gated game ecosystems, except within gray markets not supported by mainstream, where digital assets were highly undervalued and laden with fraud.

With NFT technology, digital assets can be verifiably owned, unable to be copied, and provably scarce. These features have allowed for complex and hugely profitable economies to form around digital assets.

NFTs make physical objects more liquid

NFT technology allows for digital representations of physical objects that can be readily and verifiably traded and redeemed when the owner of the digital asset chooses. Ownership of physical objects can now be represented in a globally verifiable manner. Ownership and possession can be separated. This is the beginning of a redemption revolution. NFTs can also be used as oracles during price discovery, allowing for accurate pricing of what were once illiquid assets.

Play-to-Earn games change lives

The Play-to-Earn gaming space, which allows people to use NFTs to earn tokens through playing video games, has been booming. The largest NFT collection by transaction volume is a play to earn game, Axie Infinity. Players from around the globe can leverage the value of their time and game assets without worrying about a central authority compromising them.

NFTs take brand strategy by storm

Every day, new artists and indie creators launch NFT collections to their audiences, making a living on primary sales and secondary royalties.

Every week, major brands like Topps, Gucci, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Charmin, Budweiser, and the NFL announce NFT collections to engage with their customers.

Every month, studios launch interactive NFT-based games, allowing real ownership of everything from digital land to in-game wearables. NFT games maintain top 10 spots for NFT sales volume month after month.

NFTs are a revolutionary new technology, but creating large-scale collections of NFTs isn’t easy. Existing options for minting NFTs are limited, quality control issues are rampant, and blockchain security is a novel risk to address. With increasing demand for utility, creating compelling NFT experiences is difficult.

That’s where we come in.

NFT Commerce for Everybody

FACINGS dashboard has the tools you need to mint and sell large-scale NFT collections; whether you are an artist, a play-to-earn game studio, or a marketing firm. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use FACINGS’ technology to propel you and your growing community.

FACINGS Beta Anticipated Features

  • Create large-scale NFT collections
  • Mint NFTs on the WAX blockchain
  • Pack-based NFTs with randomized odds
  • Stand alone NFTs
  • Manage NFT inventory
  • Launch a NFT sales site & pack opener on a custom domain
  • Sell NFTs with crypto and credit cards
  • Manage quality control for your launch
  • Sales analytics for NFT collections
  • All features available via API and Admin Panel plus more!

FACINGS Forthcoming Features:

Mint NFTs on various popular blockchains.

Add gamification & utility to your NFT collections (as seen in our trial collections!)

  • Comic-book style NFTs
  • Configurable crafting recipes
  • Redemption codes in NFTs & redemption claiming page
  • Leaderboards for NFT holders
  • Advanced sales analytics for NFT collections plus more!


  • Artists can create NFTs and sell them on their own website for fiat or crypto.
  • Play to Earn games can significantly reduce engineering time spent on minting, inventory management, sales infrastructure, and more.
  • Brands can create NFTs that give customers access to physical redemptions.

FACINGS reduces time to market for NFT experiences by orders of magnitude.

Launch with FACINGS in 2022

FACINGS API and self-service platform will be launching our Closed Alpha in late Q1, 2022, and we’re actively lining up partners to access our platform. Do you have an NFT game, art collection, or NFT experience that needs NFT minting, credit card sales, and more?

Stay in touch by registering on our website. Registrants will receive exclusive access to special membership deals and project updates!

We’re thrilled to help you launch your groundbreaking NFT collection. Thanks for joining us on our journey to make NFT Commerce for Everybody.

❤️ The FACINGS Team




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