Mic Check, Skullz Check: Card Payments & Crafting Live In Three, Two, One!

Soundr Sets the Stage

Here at Soundr, we have been hard at work delivering the next phase of the rollout to becoming a fully-fledged virtual music label. Our incredible team of music, tech, and marketing execs is growing rapidly and you can check out who’s who here.

Before we jump into what’s coming, let’s rewind quickly.

Skullz is the first band launched by Soundr.

What is Soundr?

We are a label creating virtual Artificial intelligent (AI) superstars who will live, perform, and interact in completely immersive worlds also known as the metaverse. Our vision is about investing in the future of music through engagement, culture, and technology that allows users to enjoy live virtual concerts, music releases, and constantly evolving stories and games! Users can meet up with intelligent, believable AI superstar musicians.

Bringing Music to the Game

The integration of NFT’s with each Soundr artist unlocks unique experiences, exclusives, and lifetime benefits to collectors that can be enjoyed for generations. Our NFTs reward loyalty to those who were there from the beginning.

Orkid (guitar), Hyde (vocals), and Sneeka (drums)

Who are Skullz?

Skullz is the first band (of 5) to be created and launched by Soundr. Orkid (guitar), Hyde (vocals), and Sneeka (drums) are a raw, rebellious, and high energy pop girl band who are about to disrupt the world of music and gaming with their sound, message, and fashion. Their development phase is close to completion now — NFT drop one showcased their early development, showing a glimpse of their look, sound, and attitude. Ticket owners will be there first to experience Skullz in concert. Their official launch will be Q1 2022 where you’ll see and hear them across all media platforms. Band 2 to be announced simultaneously with Skullz drop 2.

So…the stage is set, the lights are on and we’re excited to announce some things that might just blow your speakers up and rock your socks off.

Firstly, We would love to say a tremendous thank you to everyone who has supported us so far — the emails, social media interaction and messages have been so positive it has been nothing short of amazing, Thank You, it means a lot. We’re aware we’ve been off the radar for a minute but we’re now excited to share what’s coming next. Sneeka, drum roll please…

Card Payments Live In Three, Two, One!

You can now purchase Skullz primary sales packs using your debit/credit card! So if you held back from starting your collection due to confusion, it’s now easier than ever. A couple of clicks and you’re a Skullz collector. And If you haven’t ripped a pack yet, you’re in for a treat. Turn your speakers up and watch out for noise-shattering glass!

Skullz NFT Packs on WAX

Grab some packs here. Once the main sale is sold out, the only way to finish your collections is via secondary marketplaces like: NFT Hive or Atomichub or Waxstash to name but a few.

All NEW Collectibles & CRAFTING!

Orkid, Sneeka, and Hyde are pumped to announce that, along with new patches and new recipes, Skullz has expanded their repertoire!

Skullz is ready to GET LOUDER!! The newest rarity tier for Orkid, Sneeka, and Hyde!

To get LOUDER, you swap up wrappers, Timelapse, and Get Louds! Skullz breaks the sound barrier from the choices you make.Yes, you read that right, we are giving you the chance to expand your collection and show your appreciation for the girls!

Along with some fantastic new recipes to give you new patches to add to your sets, we have also added a new tier and rarity — GET LOUDER.

These are crafted with some fantastic variations of recipes that use current get loud, chase cards (timelapse), and then give YOU the choice of wrappers to Get LOUDER!

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself ready and may the cards be with you.

And keep your eyes and ears out for some set rewards announcements to come from us too.

Collectors can trade in empty wrappers for chances to Get Louders, where you can experience full-on music, with longer audio clips than Get Louds!! To Get Louder, Collectors need a timelapse variant of any Skullz member (Tagging, Skatepark, or Kitty) 5 empty Single Pass wrappers, and a Get Loud matching the Get Louder you want to craft. If Collectors don’t have 5 empty Single Pass wrappers, they can use a VIP wrapper instead to Get Louder with Skullz!!

New Colour and Black and White Punk Patches are also entering the mix as new crafting recipes. Combine 3 Single Pass and 3 VIP Pass wrappers for 5 new colour patches, or 5 Single Pass wrappers for one of 5 new Black and White patches!

Skullz Ticket Stub

99 NFT concert tickets in the first collection get ticket holders the exclusive chance to see the Skullz perform their first mateverse “soundcheck” show! This show is an exclusive private playback party for Skullz ticket holders only. The show will officially take place at the London Underground venue in Decentraland on 6th November 2021. Take your chances at winning one of these tickets in each pack of Skullz single pass (0.98% chance) and VIP pass (1.98% chance). Check out the secondary markets on WAX to find resale VIP passes. Pass holders will need to check the redemption location for when the sound check is live for the coordinates and “how” to enter the venue!

Soundr at Virtual Music Festival.

We have collaborated with Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual social world, to present 9 incredible artists on their main Evolution stage at the upcoming music festival from October 21st to the 24th. The four-day music and cultural event features 80+ artists across five stages, including Deadmau5, 3Lau, RAC, Paris Hilton, and Nina Nesbitt. We were instrumental in bringing some incredible talent to the festival including Nina Nesbitt, Louis III, Conor Byrne, Benji Patterson, Amber Van Day, Cody Frost, The Luna Tapes, Berry Galazka and Miya Miya. Click for more info: https://themetaversefestival.io

Thanks everyone.




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