NFTrippy Fruits onto WAX Sept 14!!

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What is NFTrippy?

NFTrippy will come in three different pack types — Standard, Cluster, and Single

NFTrippy is the first release in the Non-Fungible Collection, a new series of collections which will center around education and awareness of magical mushrooms and other psychedelics. Real mycology and foraging tips along with inspiration from legends such as Paul Stamets and Bill O’Dea create a unique experience unlike anything seen yet on WAX. What secrets will you unlock on your trip through the unknown?

What can I forage?

Three different Chemical compounds can be used to create shrooms — Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeocystin

What can I craft?

Baseline, Lift Off, and Heroic doses are the three base rarities tiers

What else can I get?

Spore Print Tickets are scattered throughout the NFTrippy landscape

What exactly is an Elder?

Elder cards are very special and don’t just sprout on every pile on dung in the forest

Launch Deets

Pack Deets

Spore Print Tickets will drop in all Standard and Cluster packs, but not in the Single packs, so anyone hoping to become a Master Forager will need to dip into one of those two types. Packs will be limited with Standards being the most abundant and Clusters being the rarest type of pack. Exact details on how many cards are in each type, the prices, and the probabilities will be released closer to launch.

Every Purchase Helps Charity

A portion of proceeds will be donated to MAPS research

Who is this Mushy?

How Can I learn more?


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