The Ember Burn has Ended

This still image of Stranger is 1 of 12 new Candlelight Prints

The candle has burnt out on the Dark Pinup Ember Burn event. The final fight for the top spots on the leaderboard was fierce and only the strongest collectors rose through the ranks. But, not everything about the Ember Burn was cut and dry — in FACINGS style, there is a lot of new content to unfold and a few surprises as well.

Ember Burn Finale

The Ember Burn ended on June 30th with a tremendous final push for the top spots by the loyal Dark Pinup fans. 406 collectors vied for the chance to be the champion but only one, jb5rm.wam, earned the right to call themselves the leader of the Ember Burn. In total an astonishing 3,130 Ember Packs and over 2.8 million points were earned during the event. Heads up — the burning function has been disabled for the Dark Pinup collection to prevent anyone accidently burning cards and will be re-enabled after packs have been distributed.

The final 12 leaderboard positions

Tens of thousands of cards were tossed into the flames during the Ember Burn event. Everything from pack wrappers to precious Candlelights and Special Mementos were sacrificed for the opportunity to claim an Ember pack. While giving up a Dark Pinup NFT is never easy, the effort put forth by collectors shined bright during the Ember Burn.

Burn Totals:

Burnt Full Pack Wrappers— 6,462/9,900 (65%)

Burnt Collector’s Box Wrappers — 1,141/1,980 (58%)

Base 8,738/26,620 (33%)

Noir 9,896/26,620 (37%)

Print 6,029/16,940 (36%)

Memento 6,433/16,940 (38%)

Artist Signature 1,887/7,260 (26%)

Model Mark 2,368/7,260 (33%)

Prismatallic 1,017/6,600 (15%)

Special Candlelight 1,002/1,980 (51%)

Candlelight 60/660 (9%)

Special Memento 11/25 (44%)

Leaderboard Rewards

Top Spots

Burning in The Ember Burn was about much more than being #1 and there are special rewards for any that gave their all to secure the top positions, or should we say top 12 positions.

Everyone in position 1–12 on the leaderboard will be rewarded with a new Candlelight print card, unique to this event; one for each of the Candlelight cards in the Dark Pinup: Act One collection.

Candlelight Prints come in a subset of 12, mirroring Dark Pinup: Act 1’s Candlelights

Candlelight Prints are special versions of the Candlelight cards, inside of a print variant design. The result is something truly unique and special to the Dark Pinup collection. These cards are going to be distributed according to how many of their respective Candlelight cards were burned during the event, with the card burned least given to the top position on the leaderboard. The mint number received will be based on the position on the leaderboard as well. Position 1 will receive the 1st mint of all 12 Candlelight prints, position 2 will receive the 2nd mints, but only for cards 2 (Stranger) through 12 (Cellar), and position 12 will receive only the 12th mint of Cellar.

Candlelight Print Numbering:

#1 Vance (0 burned)
#2 Stranger (1 burned)
#3 Reflection (2 burned)
#4 Gaslight (3 burned)
#5 Constantine (4 burned)
#6 Bookstore (6 burned
#7 Desert Rose (6 burned)
#8 Hallow (7 burned)
#9 Mannequin (7 burned)
#10 Framed (7 burned)
#11 Rogue (8 burned)
#12 Cellar (9 burned)

Candlelight Print Distribution:

#1 Leaderboard Position: Mint #1 of all 12 cards

#2: Mint #2 of Stranger — Cellar

#3: Mint #3 of Reflection — Cellar

#4: Mint #4 of Gaslight — Cellar

#5: Mint #5 of Constantine — Cellar

#6: Mint #6 of Bookstore — Cellar

#7: Mint #7 of Desert Rose — Cellar

#8: Mint #8 of Hallow — Cellar

#9: Mint #9 of Mannequin — Cellar

#10: Mint #10 of Framed — Cellar

#11: Mint #11 of Rogue — Cellar

#12: Mint #12 of Cellar

Loyalty Airdrop

FACINGS decided to surprise fans with another NFT drop to everyone that earned at least one Ember pack during the event — a FACINGS loyalty NFT from BTC2021!

This special NFT was handed out as a physical sticker at the Miami BTC event, with a redeemable code for a WAX Bear, Bulls, and Skulls NFT. The NFTs have already been airdropped to eligible accounts. These will be used to redeem certain FACINGS products in future launches and promotions, so hang on to them.

A special loyalty NFT dropped to all who earned 1 or more Ember pack.

Participation Airdrop

Everyone who participated in the Ember Burn will receive a special token of our appreciation and a symbol of the Dark Pinup experience — a candle. Look for more information on this special drop soon which will be airdropped to eligible WAX addresses. Of course, the candle could have a use in the future, so consider not letting it burn out.

Ember Pack Details

Ember Packs contain 4 total pre-minted cards — 3 Ember or Tin variants and one additional info card. FACINGS needed to increase the number of packs created to ensure our pre-mint pack opener would function properly and have even amounts to distribute across all the new cards so a total of 3,168 packs will be minted. The additional packs will be going into the pack miner contract; A forthcoming feature that will give users a way to earn packs while helping out as well.

Tin type variants come in 44 cards to match the Dark Pinup: Act One set

The probability of getting a Ember or Tin card is 50/50 for each of the three cards in an Ember pack. The 88 new cards has a max supply of 108 per card template and there is one Ember and Tin card for each of the original 44 cards in the Dark Pinup base set. There will be a maximum total of 4,752 Ember and 4,752 Tins cards ever pulled from the Ember packs.

Ember variant and Tin have unique treatments for every card

Pack Distribution

Packs will be distributed within the week with the exact date and time communicated through the FACINGS social channels and website. Packs will be airdropped to collectors with no action needed and will immediately be able to be opened, traded and sold. Try not to open them all at once, if you can!

Opening packs will be a new experience with a fresh new pack opening animation and the same smooth UX expected in a FACINGS NFT campaign. After opening an Ember pack collectors will retain their wrapper, but with an improved approach from the Act Ones Burnt wrappers fans are used to. After packs are distributed, there will be no way to get any more Ember Packs or the Ember and Tin cards they contain besides on secondary markets.

Watch for a new opening experience for Ember Packs

Set Rewards

Dark Pinup set rewards will be released in phases starting with the Base card subset and leading gradually to the Candlelight variant. Collectors will be able to secure multiple sets and be rewarded will multiple copies of each subsets reward. The rewards given will be unique to this event and will form a cohesive subset within the Dark Pinup collection, but we are not revealing the set rewards at this time. The set rewards and the start and end date for set reward distributions will be announced after the Ember pack distribution.

What’s Next

The Dark Pinup story is reaching a new chapter with the end of the Ember Burn and the collection has reached a scarcity level that few campaigns on WAX can hope to achieve. But, the story doesn’t end with Act One and FACINGS will continue to innovate and expand on the foundation of what collectors want from the Dark Pinup collection.

Dark Pinup was recently awarded a place on the Collect.Social platform with 18 new achievements being added soon. The collection was also recently added to Tokenhead and will be available shortly on Cryptoslam. FACINGS will continue to work with the WAX ecosystem to provide a rich and engaging experience for our Dark Pinup fans and we appreciate the work that has gone into supporting our unique and innovative product. Look for Ember packs dropping into your WAX wallet soon and thank you for your continued support.


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