Viva la Viva!!

3 min readSep 9, 2022


The Dark Pinup community indulged in the Viva Event for over a month. More than 60 fans experienced this limited opportunity.

Today, September 8th at 10am PST, Viva ended and the chance to earn Viva packs closed forever.

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How Many Packs?

As stated in the previous Viva entry, we will be airdropping packs based on the original leaderboard and the new event-specific leaderboard.

For every 100 points on the original leaderboard, cardholders are rewarded with a pack, up to 4. Collectors with 1,000 points or more — the top ten on the leaderboard — earn an additional pack. A total of 5 free packs can be earned from the existing leaderboard. A free pack will go out to everyone who earned under 100 too. A breakdown of that distribution is in this Excel document.

Total Packs — 488

For every 100 points on the event leaderboard, collectors are rewarded with one pack — no maximum amount. Here is a a breakdown of that distribution.

Total Packs — 145

633 packs were earned and will be minted. An additional 100 packs are held for promotional purposes, bringing the total to 733 packs. This means Viva is one of the rarest packs ever created for Dark Pinup!

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How Will We Get Them?

All packs will be airdropped to your WAX account. No additional action is required.

Wen Viva?

Now that we know the total amount of packs to mint, we are firing up the minting factory! We will get packs sent ASAP but are leaving ourselves a few days of wiggle room — just in case borke happens.

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The Noir pack recipe will be added as a recipe on NeftyBlocks to ensure a capped supply. Look for this to drop soon.


Noir and Book redemptions are live and we will begin sending them out soon! Get your redemptions in now if you want to be in the first shipments. Go to the NFT in your inventory at and click redeem, fill out the form, and you will receive an email letting you know when the item has shipped. Please allow 4–6 weeks for fulfillment. If you have already redeemed an NFT, we have your information and will contact you soon. Thank you for your patience as we got our redemption system working properly.

What Next?

We will have a livestream next week to crack open some packs and explore the end of the event. Follow our social channels for more information on when this will take place.

From the entire FACINGS and Mirrorpool team we thank you for participating in this event!!

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