Viva Packs are Coming!

4 min readJul 5, 2022

Dark Pinup is back, this time from Vegas, with a new pack designed specifically for our fans. Viva packs, a set dedicated to Lars’ recent photo shoots in Las Vegas, will be releasing next month only on the WAX blockchain —a certified carbon neutral blockchain.

Viva packs will not be available for sale and will instead be earned through an event similar to the Ember Burn event for Act 1, but better and bigger in Vegas style. These packs can only be obtained by earning points on the FACINGS leaderboard on Dark Pinup and will be distributed at the end of the event.

What is Dark Pinup

Dark Pinup is a beloved digital collectible card series with a unique style crafted unlike any other pinup photography set. The art in Dark Pinup is professionally treated and the effects are masterfully crafted to match each sets theme. Dark Pinup is a celebration of a type of photography not seen before on WAX.

What Will Viva Packs Contain?

Viva packs will follow the normal rarity and structure of Dark Pinup releases before it. That means you can expect multiple high quality rarities and easy to understand odds. Viva will consist of two rarity types — base and neon. Neon is a look into what these sets are like with the flashy lights of the Vegas strip outside of the window during the shoot.

Collectors can expect packs of three cards, as well as a guaranteed insert that will go into details of our collaboration between FACINGS and Mirrorpool, the new home of Dark Pinup. There will be 15 base cards and 5 neon to collect for a total of 20 flashy new cards.

How to Obtain Viva Packs

Dark Pinup Viva Packs will only come in one type, which will be airdropped to everyone who earns them at the conclusion of the event. There will be no formal sale for these packs.

Collectors will need to earn points on the FACINGS leaderboard in order to earn packs. A breakdown of how you can earn points is shown here:

Viva Pack Event Point Structure

Purchase an Act 2 Full Pack — 10 points

Purchase a Collector’s Box — 60 points

Crafting any Dark Pinup NFT — 4 points

Opening any Dark Pinup NFT pack — 2 points

Burning any Dark Pinup NFT — 2 points

For every 100 points earned, you will be airdropped a pack at the conclusion of the event. However, to preserve rarity there is a 15 pack limit per .wam WAX account. There is also a 5260 pack maximum and the event will end if the points earned reach this max before the event’s time limit has expired.

When Will The Event Start?

Details on the start and end time of the event will be coming soon. We do not want to publish a date until we are sure it will stick, but it will start in July and run for approximately one month.

What about the existing Leaderboard?

The leaderboard will be wiped and the progress will be saved. All 309 existing WAX accounts on the leaderboard will be airdropped packs at the conclusion of the event. When our FACINGS platform releases, we will reinstate the previous leaderboard for FACINGS related rewards.

Every 100 points on the existing leaderboard will reward you with one pack, up to 4. Anyone who has 1,000 points or more, the top ten on the leaderboard, will earn an additional pack. A total of 5 free packs can be earned from the existing leaderboard.

What else is coming?

Noir physical packs are in production! When they are completed we will reopen the redemption portion for packs and the books. We apologize for the long wait and bugs with this process.

Act 3 is also on the horizon! But, we will keep you in the dark on any details around that for now.


The roadmap is gone. Look for more information soon on what will be coming to collectors, for free, to replace every item on the roadmap.

Here is a sneak peak into what will replace the LiDAR, a beautiful tour of the Viva photoshoot set. There will also be a special journal dropped to our diehard fans.

Thank you for your continued support of Dark Pinup!


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