YNG DNA Launches NFT Collection on WAX

This set has 56 images from two renown photographers

YNG DNA, House of Kibaa, Electric Token, & FACINGS are honored to present the YNG DNA NFT Collection. Explore this series of high-quality collectible cards with utility in the metaverse and beyond.

Four powerhouse teams combined to create this Collab

What is the YNG DNA Series?

YNG DNA’s NFT (non-fungible token) collection stands on the pillars of youth, health, sustainability, and fashion. The cards feature the collaborative artwork and top-tier photography of Lars Kommienezuspadt, Sir Charles Media, Konda, and House of Kibaa. “YNG DNA is the truest expression of lifestyles, art styles, and global collaboration. This release personifies the intersection between an emerging, expanding world and immersive blockchain technologies.” says Lars Kommienezuspadt, Chief Creative Officer at FACINGS.

Exclusive Collectibles with Engaging Redemptions!

Rare House of Kibaa 3D models, or “YNG Meta NFTs” elevate the set’s experience. YNG Meta NFTs on WAX are redeemable for NFTs on the Polygon network; YNG Meta NFTs on Polygon will grant collectors access to House of Kibaa metaverse objects and physical drops.

Will You Find the 1 of 1 Zaire Wade Avatar?

The rarest item in the set, the 1 of 1 YNG Meta Avatar NFT on Polygon will be able to be redeemed for a one-of-a-kind Zaire Wade metaverse avatar. The first round draft pick for the Salt Lake City Stars’ avatar is usable in virtual reality worlds, AND a once in a lifetime opportunity to play either a PS5 game or stream a live game of HORSE with Zaire.

House of Kibaa created 12 amazing 3D models / assets including this 1/1 avatar of Zaire Wade

A Powerful Partnership

YNG DNA is excited to be able to utilize blockchain technology in a way that expresses its brand and goals and FACINGS is proud to bring that vision to life.

“We’re beyond excited to partner with Electric Token, a team with a track record of being at the forefront of trends across many industries, and WAX to release sustainable NFTs tied to our brand,” Zaire Wade, Co-Founder of YNG DNA, said. “Finding partners that understand how important sustainability is to not only the fashion and NFT industries but also to the world at large has been the most important aspect for us.

We can’t wait to elevate our brand and its mission with a new group of consumers.” Jacob York, Co-Founder of Electric Token, adds “as a minority-owned startup, my partner David and I understand the cultural aspects and celebration behind this particular collection.” York is a 30-year veteran of the entertainment and sports industries. “Serving on the EMA (environmental media association) board, I’m proud to recognize this special partnership as a meaningful opportunity for people of color to advance the culture through tech and fashion while also being environmentally conscious.” York states.

Who is YNG DNA?

YNG DNA is a clothing company that specializes in providing innovative fashion that follows 4 pillars: Youth, Sustainability, Health, and Fashion. Founder, Zaire Wade, is passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community, wanted to emphasize these pillars in this line. Understanding the importance of family and acceptance in family, Zaire has chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds to Cleft of the Rock, a volunteer organization that shows families successful ways to navigate child-rearing and teaches parents how to thrive instead of just surviving.

The YNG DNA set of WAX includes a wide variety of photography

Sale Details

NFT Packs are set to drop on October 25th at 10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET | 5:00 PM UTC at nfts.yng-dna.com. You must have a valid credit card (no Discover available), or WAX to purchase a pack.

In order to purchase a pack right at 10:00 AM collectors need to be waiting in the “Shop” page of the website. The website will automatically refresh at 10AM PST / 5 PM UTC to allow you to complete your purchase. Please disable any ad blockers and be aware that using a credit card may require you to input an additional code or 2FA. Purchases need to be authorized using an ‘authorize payment’ button which will appear during the checkout process. There is no need to refresh your browser and your packs are reserved during the checkout process.

Rob Konsdorf, CEO of FACINGS stated “FACINGS is building the tech for NFT mass adoption. By enabling credit card purchases on the WAX blockchain, collectors can easily access the cutting edge of technology of tomorrow, right now. And by using WAX, they don’t have to pay high fees just to interact with their owned digital goods.”

What Comes in a Pack?

Cards will be available in 2 types of packs:

Big packs are $20 (containing 10 cards)

Huge packs are $40 (containing 20 cards)

The probabilities or chances of snagging a certain card from the set is the exact same for each pack type, EXCEPT for YNG Metas, Illustrations, and the YGN Meta Avatar, which are favored in the larger pack.


Youth (40 card varieties)- Photography by Lars Kommienezuspadt

Youth variant

Signature Series (40 cards) — Photography by Lars Kommienezuspadt with animated golden YNG DNA signatures

Throwback (16 cards) — Black and white photography by Sir Charles Media

Throwback variant

Blessings (16 cards) — Photography by Sir Charles Media with a Blessings border

Blessings variant

DNA (16 cards) — Photography by Sir Charles Media with a DNA border

DNA variant

YNG Meta (11 cards) — House of Kibaa animated 3D asset cards, redeemable for metaverse wearables on the Polygon network

YNG Meta variant

Illustrations (3 cards) — Illustrations of Zaire Wade by Charles ‘Konda’ Walker

Illustrations variant

YNG Meta Avatar (1 card) — 1/1 House of Kibaa animated 3D avatar, redeemable for a metaverse avatar on Polygon, as well as a fan interaction with Zaire Wade

1/1 YNG Meta Avatar (sub-variant of YNG Meta)


Big Pack

Youth — 38%

Signature Series — 38%

Throwback — 8%

Blessings — 8%

DNA — 8%

YNG Meta — 5.5% (additional chance / roll)

Illustrations — 2.75% (additional chance / roll)

YNG Meta Avatar — 0%

Huge Pack

Youth — 38%

Signature Series — 38%

Throwback — 8%

Blessings — 8%

DNA — 8%

YNG Meta — 11% (additional chance / roll)

Illustrations — 5.5% (additional chance / roll)

YNG Meta Avatar — 0.10% (additional chance / roll)

Every pack gives a chance at a every variant of card


Big Pack — $20 (10 cards)

Huge Pack — $40 (20 cards)

Pack Supply

Big Packs — 2,951 For Sale (4,000 Total | 809 Reserved for HoK members | 240 held for marketing)

Huge Packs — 940 For Sale (1,000 Total | 60 held for marketing)

Card Scarcity

Youth — 570 per template

Signature Series — 575 per template

Throwback — 300 per template

Blessings — 300 per template

DNA — 300 per template

YNG Meta — 30 per template

Illustrations — 55 per template

YNG Meta Avatar — 1 per template

House of Kibaa Metaverse NFTs

House of Kibaa Genesis members qualify to receive one free Big Pack! On launch will be a webpage set up where HoK members can sign in using their new Wax Cloud Wallet and redeem one free pack. This pack has the same probabilities as a normal Big Pack and is a reward only for HoK Genesis members. Heads up for more information regarding this unique HoK utility.

House of Kibaa members get a free Big Pack of the YNG DNA set

Inside every pack are YNG Meta NFTs that are animated 3D assets. These can be redeemed post-launch for metaverse wearables on the Polygon network. This cross-chain utility is specific to the YNG Meta NFTs. One of the YNG Meta NFTs is an avatar of Zaire Wade which can be used in metaverses and also redeemed for either a PS5 game session with Zaire or streaming a live game of HORSE with him!

What Can I Do With These NFTs?

Any NFT you collect from the YNG DNA series is yours to own forever. NFTs can be traded on markets such as the AtomicHub, viewed on the Inventory page as well as apps such as TokenHead. NFTs are digital assets and any third party can decide to integrate YNG DNA NFTs into their product, allowing them to be used in games, to earn tokens, or for display in metaverse worlds such as the House of Kibaa metaverse items on Polygon.

What is WAX and Why Use It?

WAX is a blockchain designed for collectibles like the YNG DNA release. They describe their mission as bringing NFTs to the mass market in the “safest, most secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace in the world.” YNG DNA chose to partner with WAX (aka Worldwide Asset eXchange) because this blockchain was designed to be eco-friendly from the ground up. WAX is certified carbon neutral. Not only has WAX solved the environmental issues presented by NFTs minted on Ethereum, but also has an environmental mindset and is taking action to erase their carbon footprint. Working as a Proof of Stake system, creating carbon offset NFTs, and partnering with Climate Care, WAX has made huge strides in building a sustainable future. WAX is 66,454 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

What is Polygon Network?

Polygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a scaling solution that aims to provide multiple tools to improve the speed and reduce the cost and complexities of transactions on blockchain networks


FACINGS is a publisher of high-quality NFT projects. They specialize in launching innovative and unique collections using state-of-the-art technology. FACINGS’ tech is engineered from the ground up to improve the expected user experience on WAX and gives collectors a fun and safe way to collect the digital NFTs they want.

WAX NFTs are eco-friendly

FACINGS has teamed up with YNG DNA to provide a custom-built pack opening, credit card purchasing, and user experience that is unmatched on WAX today. It is designed to reduce the frustrations and defects that users dealt with in other past campaigns.

Are NFTs Bad For The Environment?

While all NFTs do use electricity to be produced, the amount that is consumed on the WAX blockchain is 125,000 times less than Ethereum. In fact, WAX is carbon neutral. WAX NFTs have offset almost 4 million tons of carbon emissions by not being minted on the Ethereum blockchain. As technology improves, WAX will continue to use less energy and find ways to use renewable sources for the energy it does consume.

What Else?

Wax Cloud Wallet: Wax Cloud Wallet (“WCW”) is an easy-to-use way to store and manage your NFTs on the WAX blockchain. When users sign up or sign in to WAX Cloud Wallet, a WAX blockchain account is automatically created associated with your email address. Secure your wallet with 2FA for the most user-friendly and safe custodial wallet in blockchain.


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