Dark Pinup Act Two Releases November 30th

8 min readNov 18, 2021
Two Pack types available — Full and Collector’s Box

Dark Pinup, the authentic photography collection by Lars Kommienezuspadt, continues the narrative on November 30th at 10am PST / 1 PM EST with Act Two, available only on the WAX blockchain. Familiar faces return to welcome you into the next iteration of the popular dark incantation, along with never before presented models in the most compelling set of pinup photography yet. Experience the warm glow of candlelights while bathing in the beautiful new golden hour variants and a plethora of additions to the Dark Pinup formula that are sure to have you coming back for more.

What is Dark Pinup

Dark Pinup is an alluring digital collectible card series with a unique dialectic style that is unlike any other collection on WAX. Act One was released in May and consists of 44 portrait style NFTs across eight unique and stunning variants. The set is focused on scarcity and presenting the photographing in compelling and interesting ways.

44 cards complete the base set

For Act Two, the Dark Pinup experience is preserved and expanded to offer new features, ways of collecting, and utility for our users. Everyone’s favorite rarities return with Base, Noir, Print, Memento, Artist Signature, Golden Hour (previously Model Mark), Prismatallic, and of course Candlelight returning to the spotlight. There will again be 44 base cards, and all the same rarity structure is intact, except the pack supplies have been lowered to further increase the rarity of every NFT.

What Makes This Set Unique?

The rarity and feel of the set will mimic Dark Pinup Act One while also offering new crafting recipes, a roadmap with bonuses, an upgrade feature using cameras found within packs, as well as a very special dungeon crawling experience offered by Waxarena.io. No other photography collection provides the combination of tasteful portraits with world class effects that Dark Pinup does. Subtle effects meet with years of stunning pinup to create something only possible with FACINGS’ technology and team.

Along with the usual quality you can expect from any Dark Pinup pack are some new surprises. Digital paintings of artist picked cards are hidden deep within that are sure to have any Dark Pinup fans in awe. These paintings are reimagined Base photos and must be seen to be believed. A new guaranteed insert also awaits in the Collector’s Boxes — a nod back to the Special Tilt from Act One.


  • Base
  • Noir
  • Print
  • Memento
  • Artist Signature
Artist Signature
  • Golden Hour
Golden Hour
  • Prismatallic
  • Candlelight


  • Guaranteed Special Candlelight insert
Non-animated Spin
  • Digital Paintings
  • Camera NFTs used as ingredients in crafting recipes
  • and more..

What Comes In a Pack?

Dark Pinup is available in two ways — Full Packs and Collector’s Boxes. As in Act One, Full Packs will include 5 cards plus chances at additional NFTs. Collector’s Boxes are six Full Packs and include 30 NFTs plus a guaranteed insert and chances at additional NFTs.

Dark Pinup Physical Packs

As a special surprise, high quality Noir physical card packs will be available! These very special packs of cards are based on the Act One Noir cards and are printed on some of the highest quality material available. Physical packs will be found as redeemable NFTs in packs, through crafting recipes, and may also be available for sale on DarkPinup.com in the future. FACINGS cannot wait to get these into the hands of collectors.

Physical Packs contain 5 cards in a unique monochrome design

How To Purchase

Packs will be available at DarkPinup.com starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UTC on Tuesday November 30th. Packs will be available in both fiat currency through credit cards as well as with WAX. A WAX wallet is required for both purchasing options.

Some models return, while others join the Dark Pinup collection for the first time

The shop page will automatically refresh when the sale is active, allowing anyone logged in with a WAX wallet to purchase. There will be a pack purchasing limit and a cooldown timer in between purchases. After purchasing packs collectors can view their cards in their inventory at DarkPinup.com, or on secondary markets such as wax.atomichub.io, waxstash.com and nfthive.io. Crafting will become activated manually after 25% of the sale has sold out, likely within a week of the release.


  • Full Packs — $7
  • Collector’s Boxes — $40

Pack Supply (Pre-Minted)

  • Full Packs — 5,940 total (6% held for marketing)
  • Collector’s Boxes — 1,980 (6% held for marketing)


  • Base — 24.444%
  • Noir — 24.444%
  • Print — 15.556%
  • Memento — 15.556%
  • Artist Signature — 6.667%
  • Golden Hour — 6.667%
  • Prismatallic — 6.061%
  • Candlelight — 0.606%

Is there a Roadmap?

For Act Two, there will be a roadmap associated with the sale. The idea of offering incentive for more collectors joining our community was something we wanted to offer for Act Two. As more packs are purchased, more will be unlocked for all collectors. These rewards include special perks and NFTs only unlocked through the sale. The most important of these perks is the unlocking of Scenes. Scenes are different sets of crafting recipes only available during that scene, which last only a few weeks. Fully selling out the set will unlock a very special, unannounced prize.

Some photos has painting versions of them, such as the one seen here


25% Sold Out -

  • First crafting Scene recipes unlocked

50% Sold -

  • Special NFTs airdropped
  • Exclusive AMA with a model from Dark Pinup

75% Sold -

  • Special Journal NFT airdropped
  • Physical Noir pack crafting recipe unlocked

100% Sold -

  • To Be Announced!

What Can I Craft?

Crafting in Dark Pinup Act Two will unlock the latest cards from an exclusive photo shoot designed exclusively for crafting known as Scenes. The entire photo shoot focuses on one model and acquiring the different rarities tiers will require collecting and burning through a time-unlocked system of Scenes.

A variety of photo themes and styles exist throughout the set

Unlocking recipes requires finding cameras of the correct variety within the Dark Pinup packs and crafting them along with specific subsets of cards to unlock cards from different Scenes. There are four different Scenes that can be unlocked during Act Two.

The cards within the crafting Scenes include different poses of the same model in Base rarity, Noir and Golden Hour. This collection of cards is unique and there could be some additional surprises in addition to the rarities mentioned here.

The first Scene will open once 25% of the packs have been sold out. Additional crafting recipes could also appear throughout the different Scenes requiring anything from pack wrappers to cards handed out in the previous Dark Pinup Act.

Dark Pinup Dungeon

You read that right — Dark Pinup is getting its own dungeon on Wax Arena! The details are a little fuzzy, but in essence the dungeon will be loaded with NFTs that collectors can pillage the dungeon to find. This is an exciting new utility that can hopefully lead to some exciting dungeon crawls for our collectors. We will detail how the dungeon will function and when it will go live when the team has more information.

FACINGS is working hard to deliver utility for our existing collections. Look for more information in the future on what we are building to do just that. It will launch soon after the official release.

Leaderboard Tracking

A leaderboard will be available to measure who is the top collector of Dark Pinup. Rewards will be given to those that reach the top of the leaderboard. More details will be provided on this feature soon. It will be available after the launch of Act Two at likely the same time as the first crafting recipes unlock.

Special Memento Redemption

Special Mementos will finally be redeemable soon. We are building a redemption website and will announce more details on this shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Craft for new Scene photos only available for a limited time

Act One Collector’s

Anyone who collected the entire Dark Pinup Act One set will be airdropped an NFT representing one physical Noir pack! This will happen post launch and we will announce the snapshot date before taking it or airdropping the NFT. FACINGS is exploring other ways to reward those that hold loyalty NFTs as well as the Bears, Bulls, and Skulls NFT from Miami and NFT.NYC.

What Can I Do With These NFTs?

Any NFT you collect from the Dark Pinup collection is yours to own forever. NFTs can be traded on markets such as the AtomicHub, viewed on the Inventory page as well as apps such as TokenHead, and viewed in the inventory on the Dark Pinup website. NFTs are digital assets and any third party can decide to integrate Dark Pinup NFTs into their product, allowing them to be used in games, to earn tokens, or for display in metaverse worlds.

Are NFTs Bad For The Environment?

WAX is the home of energy efficient and community focused products and is the clear choice for the Dark Pinup collection. Since WAX uses very little energy compared to chains such as Ethereum, NFTs are environmentally friendly and customers can trade them knowing WAX is committed to a carbon neutral chain. WAX is also community focused and allows for quick, easy, transactions, with friendly UI and the experience you expect from a Web 3 ecosystem.

WAX is carbon neutral

Anything Else?

A WAX wallet will be needed to purchase a Dark Pinup pack. Wax Cloud Wallet (“WCW”) is an easy-to-use way to store and manage your NFTs on the WAX blockchain. When users sign up or sign in to WAX Cloud Wallet, a WAX blockchain account is automatically created associated with your email address. Secure your wallet with 2FA for the most user-friendly and safe custodial wallet in blockchain.

What Does the Future Hold?

Dark Pinup is an ongoing series and will continue to evolve and expand. FACINGS is focused on the future and will always look to innovate and add to the experience. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to reach out using the resources below. Thank you for your support and enjoy Dark Pinup Act Two!


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